i recently purchased a pse omen 2010. while letting it back down it exploded. The bottom cam peg came off. I was highly pissed. I got it fixed, was showing it to my father in law. I pulled it back with a release, while letting it down in total control it exploded. Bus cable peg, and the same cam on bottom broke off. I went to a mathews monster. It shoots 353 only 13 less but has 80% let off. It shoots more true. The nice wood grip is great bacause i have giant hands. Im shooting more accurately. I fell in love with it. It only took 12 shots to have it shooting within an inch @ 20 yds. I would never buy a pse product again. In my opinion, if you make a little hand twist or whatever a pse will explode on you. Talked to another friend who had a pse axe 6. His exploded on let down also. He also went with Mathews. I like hoyt, bowtech, and mathews. I just think mathews has it down pat, like a good chevy or ford truck. They just seem to have their stuff built really well.