New Archery Park Opening in Virginia

Spring Lake Outdoor Club (SLOC) is announcing the opening of a new Archery Park in Moneta, Virginia.  The park is open everyday sun up till sun down and is a function of the Spring Lake Outdoor Club.  The park is located at Spring Lake Farm in the heart of Bedford County.  There are  14 tournaments scheduled in 2011 with two of those being benefits for local organizations. The Park consists of several miles of trails, an extensive warm up area and a shooting tower (opening April ) with three levels to practice from.  The park is open to the public for a set fee per round. Practice rounds consist of 20 -25 McKenzie targets and the tower will include another 5 to 8 targets. Tournaments will start Feb. 12 and the grand opening is scheduled for April 16/17.  For more information go to :,  Spring Lake and Info. Page.