www.Archerytalk.com: For Sale,Hunting Bow” 2011 Pse EVO is for sale w/scratch so small it will not picture.
Person writes,”Can you take a picture of the scratch and email it to taylorfootball_@hotmail.com ”
Ted Nugent write to be “ready” and yet some people are worried about a scratch on the bow they might buy?
LOL, is that not TO FUNNY,lol?
This country is so obsessed with Perfect that we miss the problems with getting things right. Used items have little scratches, but the problem is what about people starving out there,while some are looking@@ for scratch free used Bows?
Boy have we gotten off track in the good old USA ? or what?
Just adding a note about the insanity that is about “NOT BEING READY” as Ted Nugent writes,being, while we are looking for scratches, others are GETTING it done in the real world. People that are ready probably spend less time on “Scratches” and more time on a Real Life.
I grew up going to Ted Nugent concerts and I see why now,(coming from Full Blood Indian), it is all about the Land and being ready for what is going on. Little details need attention,with less time spent on “Scratches”. I see and shed a tear for what is seen,(trash) on the road side,while some are looking to get e-Mail pictures of Scratches sent to them,before they think of buying a used Bow.
Go Figure?
A”SAD” commentary on what is important for some in the USA today.
Please lets hear about your thoughts about, being “READY, IE: Ted Nugents Blog” and OR the e-Mail “Scratches” you are looking for, OR not in your life.