I wrote last about, Ted Nugents, “Be Ready” Blog.

PS:  to / about Scratches-e-Mail pictures of Scratches Blog I wrote:

I said it was a “SAD” commentary to see people are asking to see Scratches before buying something used,which is there right of course. It is not so much about that fact as it is ALL About America really not being ready for anything,except more Junk/Pretty items, to show off?.

Ted Nugent has it so right in many respects and I can see he is in touch with the Past? of America. Caring for the Buffalo and what was given us,that now we are pissing away.

There seems to be no  history to care about the Land being passed on,(except War history of fighting for the Land) in the USA anymore. People in other Countries love there land and  seem not so much worried about the “SCRATCHES” and crooked tiles in life. They “LIVE Life” and Fight for there Social Systems and community in some what better ways than we are doing in USA.

Is it that we care about Idiolising GOLD/Riches,Having property and Scratch free Bows/Trucks all the while looking over doing right by the Land and People?

We have no USA Country Sole as it where. We pray to “GOD” to win A football game? or thank “GOD” if we win, because we must have done right by the “Lord” to win, while the other team did not Pray long enough? So what is really going on?

It seems that we have no belonging here in US,but just for the Gold/Riches ,unlike the American Indian that had it right all along,being it is about the LAND and the People, not,”Scratched used Bows” as it where.

Other Countries have feeling towards there Land’s,Hunting and such affairs, but it seems that we do not spend much time with that thought and why is that? We fight for a better deal or more “PREFECT”  junk to have for  while, until it gets old or “Scratched” then out to the Garage sale or Dump it goes.

Can we all get along and start living the MANY , USA tribute songs, in a real way, to look past the Scratches with products and People that need our help. Then we can keep building up our Faith in US and the USA. Bring BACK! factories to help people have jobs,even lower end jobs, but YES! Jobs to do and to build up the Peoples Faith in USA.

Please stop e-Mailing pictures of “Scratches” and send pictures of Happy events to one another.